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Derek Albeck  Los Angeles, CA

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About Derek

Derek Albeck was born in 1983 in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Showing a talent for art at an early age Derek would scribble and Draw on anything and everything that was put in front of him. His passion for art followed him into college where he studied printmaking, painting and art history at California State University Northridge. After Graduating with honors in 2005 Derek is currently working as a full time artist in Los Angeles.

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"I get it,he drinks like a fish,a whale."

"I love the work. The colors and the line work are amazing. I've seen his paintings in person and you wouldn't believe how smooth and flat the paint looks on the canvas. pretty incredible stuff."

"The medium used is acrylic on paper... and only 7"x7" in size (he has achieved very sharp, clean edges which I often have a problem with, even at larger sizes.)"

"The top piece is actually a collaborative work with the artists and Rebecca Urias...."

"It is a blend of children's illustration, graphic design and graphic novel...I appreciate the consistency in the color palette. And I really like the whimsy and texture (which belie the artist's printmaking background) and the story told in contrast of color and contrast in tone/mood (life-death, celebration-dejection, etc.). Very interesting work. What is the medium of the two works shown?"

"What I thought was interesting was the fact that he used the same guy in both paintings. That could represent himself."

"Bravo to the person that said getting it is not the point... haha..."

"I get a lot of feeling coming from the artist and even though its not completely apparent in the first 20 seconds is something i love about it. It gives you something to think about and relate to. Awesome Eye Candy."

"Getting it is not the point."

"Visually appealing but I'm not sure I "get it""

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