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Jamie Baldridge  Lafayette, LA

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About Jamie

Jamie Baldridge was born to two hominids in 1975 in a very small town in the deep south. Much of his childhood was spent in tedium. After spending years studying Religion and Creative Writing at Louisiana State University, Jamie somehow got a BFA in Photography. After which he went on to work a string of odd, very odd, photographic gigs before receiving his MFA in Photography from the same fine institution. He is currently a professor of photography at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His work and writings can be found in many collections such as the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, McNeese University’s Abercrombie Gallery, the Lulu and Paul Hilliard Museum, the Rare Books collections of the Library of Congress, Cornell, and RIT as well as numerous private collections. The Everywhere Chronicles, his first book, has just been released by 21st Editions.

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"Fantastic. One of the very few times I went into a darkroom at LSU I was stuck by a simple nude made by Jamie, then a graduate student. His work is original and his first solo shows sold out prior to his MFA. Jamie is one of the most talented and creative visual artists I have ever seen from LSU, his work is world class. I wish you continued success! "Vita brevis est, ars longa."- Charles."

"Wow, I enjoyed viewing your and on your site. I find it to be wonderfully mechanical,subtle and contemplative. Lots of stuff about the head, interesting. It's nice to see such an innovative eye. I wish you much success!"

"That is a real Photograhy!"

"I would love to hear what your thought was behind the contimplation & reflection, watching the eggs rolling down. Something about it keeps pulling me to look it with deep thought. Hey, I also like the man on the chair too."

"To think it all started with Garfield and Ninja sketches....Your work is ecstasy for the eyes and mind. A whole hearted congratulations on your success and work. For those of you not familiar with this artistic genius...visit his website:"

"think this is good? you should see his site. www.jamiebaldridge.comhe is an abode for dreamlike recollections."


"This work is great. There's better stuff on his site than whats shown here."

"it's...............wierd, but I like it"

"nice art and imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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