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Ryan Reynolds  San Francisco, CA

'Retreating Green'

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About Ryan

Ryan Reynolds received a MFA in art practice from UC Berkeley Department in 2003. Before that he studied at University of California, Santa Cruz.

His paintings document places he has an established relationship with. A number are located on the dirty industrial shore and amid the suburban sprawl of California’s East Bay. Each of his paintings documents a specific place and time as he remembers them.

His work has been exhibited across California.

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"Hello Ryan, My husband, Loren Partridge, and I purchased one of your plein-air oils displayed during yr MFA show in the UC Art museum. (( 880 w the racetrack off in the distance.) We so admire your work and are hoping to learn where we might view more. Thank you."

"I joined today because this artist's contribution tipped the scales for me. I've long time wondered how one would paint today's American or European landscapes - no longer dotted with parochial panoramas of 'Man as Hunter/Farmer/Skiller' but more and more of evidence of 'Man as Producer/Consumer'. How could what I live in, where I work, the roads I travel and what I leave behind ever be captured by art much less made beautiful? Mr. Reynolds has shown me. Thank you."

"Visit his website. His exploration of Time is pure beauty."

"The website shows a developed body of work that dives into the concept of describing time and place.check it out."

"making the ugly beautiful. good work"

"This is really nice, the textures come across really strong."

"I love the way he sees the world.Congratulations Ryan."

"Definitely take time to visit his website! Anyone who can make a cement plant interesting and beautiful deserves appreciation. Very good work all the way around. I look forward to following his journey."

"yeah Ryan"

"I love this artist's lens, does a nice job of softening the man-made sprawl. Really enjoyed his site"

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