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Josie Morway  Providence, RI

'Wind Up Like a Clock, Tell me it's Just About Time'
'Theory of Relative Abundance'

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About Josie

Josie Morway is a self-taught artist who has been painting most of her life.

Her paintings are fragmented narratives, inspired by everyday words and phrases that bombard us – old signage, broken billboards, overheard conversations.

Morway is of the opinion that omissions tell half the story. Substituting animals for human characters in her visual narratives, she explores gestures, postures and expressions that are familiar and universal but at the same time ambiguous.

For the last year she has been working steadily on a series of paintings about symbols that she considers relevant to both wildlife and civilization, titled Untame vs. The Domesticati.

Recommended by our guest curators

Neil Perry

Portland, OR artist

"Combining traditional oil painting techniques with sign painting in such a delicate balance, Josie Morway creates such imaginative, rich and powerful imagery. The level of detail in each piece is painstaking and there are no compromises in her approach to intense rendering of turn and feathers. Her subjects are also ones that I’m naturally drawn to, offering a glimpse into the balance between conflict and compassion within the natural world."

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'Rhode Island'

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"Wonderful !"

"Love, love, love, love."

"Its so good to see and feel such a realistic painting"


"So really, really natural and elegant, contrasting modernity with nature. Awesome brush strokes. Congrats!"

"SO PRETTY! Completely inspired :)"

"A high level of natural talent (see "self-taught) portraying the natural world beautifully well in unnatural (a.k.a. non-standard) ways -- well done. To reference what "Ron d." said, I'm not sure the message intended is coming through, but work well and meticulously done. That said, the animals do come across with an energized level of personality. Perhaps it will take me some time to see the artist's intent of the animals standing in for human traits. A trip to the artist's website truly confirms her talent, especially in the rendering of feathers and fur. It is also good and helpful to see her work shown as large as it really is in various photos on her blog -- those few large and real environment views do increase the work's impact."

"The owl is especially beautiful. Thank you for such astute work."

"Ummmm.......YES. Brilliant!!"

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