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Veronica Fish  Boston, MA

'Mulholland Drive'

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About Veronica

Veronica Fish is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2008, she curated Pop Euphoria!, the largest compilation of contemporary international illustration in Central Massachusetts, which received much national acclaim.

Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Boston, New York and most recently London. Her illustration clients include The Girl Scouts of America, HalfPrice Books, Quarto + Quintet Publishing, Wired Magazine, Seltzer Goods and Colombia Magazine.

Last year she and writer JJ Kahrs self-published a graphic novel called Pirates of Mars . Fish is currently working on a comic book adaption of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, set for release in 2012.

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7 reactions displayed

"There are incredible. I've been prety bored with art lately. Everything seems stale, but this actually makes art exciting again."

"I love the Spiderbaby picture, it really feels like it came right out of the movie. Kind of spooky and mad..."

"The second illustration is called Spiderbaby"

"i am glad you had made her green."

"this girl paints better than i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)"

"Love the first piece, the second not so much. Not a comment on the talent though. Definite talent, easy to see on both pieces. Love the stuff on her site!"

"yay i am first ! the first one looks like nancy drew!"

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