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Eric Allen Carter  Los Angeles, CA

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About Eric Allen

Addressing the subtleties of relationships is my primary focus. I am interested not only in the relationships between individuals, but also the relationships between one’s sense of self and one’s body, between one’s “bodied” self and the society in which one lives. Gestures and juxtapositions become clues in discovering the complex realities of human nature. Lately, I’ve been focusing on how memory fits into and affects these relationships. There is a reconstruction of ourselves, our identities, that takes place with regard to memory. What part does fact play in our memories and this process of “remembering”” If I had documented the facts of an event, as I saw and understood them at the time, would they be a more accurate depiction of the truth than the one my memory currently holds, or will hold in another 20 years” How can what happened be in a constant state of flux, and how does that flux affect our identity, and how we see and relate to ourselves in the present day” In many of my paintings, the overlap of images gives them an ethereal quality that speaks to this flux, the non-tangible, dreamlike quality of memory. But the images have become tangible and permanent in the oil on canvas, thus creating a new

In my most recent work, I have begun to examine more specifically issues of sex and gender. The work is generating conversations about Jung’s theory of creativity involving the animus and anima (male and female) halves of the soul, and the Greek mythological figure, Hermaphrodite, as well as discussions about the ideal person, Man before The Fall, and the concept of The Innocent. This exploration began as an extremely personal investigation, but the work that has transpired is fashioning a discourse that has grown far beyond the seed of my initial experience. It is an affirmation that the truly personal is always universal.

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"Your new paintings are very moving. I like how the backgrounds are plain so there is no distraction from the issue of gender/gender reassignment?. Your figures seem vulnerable and yet strong for being laid so very bare."

"Wow! I am an art student and have been studying for the past two years. I have never seen anything like this. Your painting is so inspiring. I love the way you depicted movement! :) Keep it up. Anna Vancouver, WA"

"you have a wonderful talent..this painting is amazing! i love the depth in it."

"Nice work. I especially like the crowd scenes and the the way you rendered movement. Inspires me to close the laptop and PAINT. Thanks..."

"this is sooo good.i enjoy art quite a lotand haven't seen something like thisin a very long time.this is very pretty.and i can see how much time it tookfor perfection."

"Eric, Your work is great! I love the paintings and drawings on your webpage. Keep up the exceptional work!"

"Impressive... Creativity and Talent..."

"You really have created a work of art and your layers are FABULOUS!!!!"

"Your fabulous !!!! I love your layers"

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