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Steven Ceraso  Bay Shore , NY

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About Steven

Process plays an important role in my work. I selectively collect and recycle the components that form my work. I combine mechanical, fabricated devices with objects produced by the natural environment. I have always been fascinated by the way machines work, their capabilities, and how they are put together. I blend found objects seamlessly with hand – crafted elements in a union that explores the narrative of man made versus nature.

Materials have an impact on the way we perceive form. Along with found objects, materials like wood, metal, and glass have always played a role in the construction of my work. We live in a world that is becoming environmentally conscious of the materials that surround us. The media, and industry are examining the way we change and develop our world. There is no doubt that the presence of a specific material has a direct effect on the viewer’s response to an object in art and in life.

When I juxtapose forms the metaphor is created. The metaphor is a commentary on the future, the environment, and man’s relationship with nature. Reclaimed objects are the impetus and the source of inspiration. Exploration of movement through dynamic composition is clearly evident. Recent work explores line, through the organic compositions of skeletal structures. In the most effective work, these objects are sublime, emotional, and tactile.

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"Your work is fantastic! I really respond to the texture and movement that your pieces exhibit. I like that in some of your pieces the shapes that you created mimic the organic shapes of your found materials, while in others they strongly contrast one another and create an interesting dialogue."

"Your materials are chosen with intent. Your processes show purpose and a deliberate goal. Congratulations on a strong body of work."

"Your work has always struck me as strong juxtapositions of sculptural wood melding with fluid metallic forms. I have been inspired by your dedication to your art and students and hope you continue to share that same creative energy always. Keep up the good work!"

"We are proud of all your hard work and dedication to your craft. We wish you the best."

"This work shows your usual blend of strength of image, excellence of workmanship, and powerful use of materials. What I always appreciate most about your work is its true modernist stature in which haunting, even mythic forms hover on the edge of being realized but remain firmly planted in a world of abstraction and suggestivity."

"Steve, you have some amazing pieces! I love the combination of found and nature objects. You are a very inspirational and dedicated teacher!"

"This website looks great, Steve. Your extraordinary work and dedication has been an inspiration to me to immerse myself in my work and always do the best job possible. Thanks for being a great artist, professor and friend."

"Steve, i love your work and the way you express its concepts. i think it's awesome! good luck :-)"

"This work looks very professional and accomplished. Your melding of process, materials and form create objects that are provocative and evocative to the senses."

"Hey Steve,Great work. I love the natural materials you use. Your really pushing yourself as an artist."

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