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Vic Vicini  Livonia, MI

'Superman: The Man of Paper'

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About Vic

Vic Vicini holds a BFA in printmaking and painting from Wayne State University.

Early in his career he focused on etching and engraving but under the influence of such artists as Richard Estes and Andrew Wyeth he gradually became more interested in oil painting.

His subject is objects of nostalgia, such as comic book memorabilia. A second generation Italian-American, his childhood ambition was to immerse himself in American culture. Memories of frequenting small diners with his dad, vintage cars, and food package design all enter into his work.

In the early 1990s he met the egg tempera painter Robert Vickrey at an opening. Vickrey’s detailed renderings had such a great influenced on Vicini that he spent the following years experimenting in egg tempera and grew to very much appreciate the science of this method.

Vicini’s work has been exhibited across the Midwest.

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'Super Heroes'



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