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David Ball  San Francisco, CA


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About David

David Ball is a mixed-media artist based in San Francisco.

His interests are social commentary, as well as the relationship dynamics he observes and more introverted, personal impulses. The result is always surreal, other-worldly landscapes, driven by character and narrative.

Ball creates fine art and illustrative collages with the help of his cat Cho Cho and lots of coffee.

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'The Sea'



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"The second image is entitled "Tumult" © 2011 David Ball.These and other works will be on display in the 111 Minna Gallery's 3-person show entitled Harum Scarum opening February 2, 2012. (David Ball, Jesse Balmer, and Katherine Brannock)."

"I loved the colors in the artwork. However the artist is truly wonderful. I am impressed with his talent. I truly admire people like this...they inspire me with life. Even though I am not a artist like this or ever will be.I just say to you keep on doing what you love."

"Yellow Submarine goes ballistic? Pupput cartoons go on killing spree? It was way to cute until I saw the video.Now, I want a piece to hang in my house.cacilia09"

""Beyond this point, there be monsters!",comes to mind."

"Not my usual cup of tea but I can appreciate this. Multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and creative."

"I totally love it, very original. It seems to go into some dark places but unfortuntely.... is life."

"This is the kind of art I would hang up in my house."

"Last night, after viewing the two images here, after touring the artist's website and after reading the artist's statement, my first reaction was that the artist needed to cut off the influence of his cat and switch immediately to decaf. This morning, after viewing the video on this page and mulling over both the smallest detail and the totality of the artist's work, I find the artist more intelligent and seriously artistic than I first thought. Just as it seems he takes time to get to know in depth, so it is with his work. I still don't "like" the end results aesthetically, but I do have greater respect for the artist's intelligence, sincerity and highly skilled draftsmanship. I also appreciate more keenly that he is expressing his considerable creativity in the way he needs to do so and to the best of his finely tuned talents."

"Be sure to watch the video - it's great and you get an inside look at the art that you otherwise wouldn't. Like it lots, actually like some of the other art on the video better than these two. Kudos! and keep painting with love!"

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