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Suly B. Wolff  Tel Aviv, Israel

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About Suly B.

Suly B. Wolff was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She moved to Tel Aviv when she was eighteen, where she received an informal art education from local practitioners.

The shock of arriving in Israel and her difficulty integrating are what inspired Wolff to start painting, and still inform her creative practice today. In her work, Wolff aims to convey two different cultures and the conflicting impressions they have made on her.

She was first drawn to Eucalyptus trees because they, like her, seemed so out of place in Israel. They too were alien and had been imported from another part of the world. Their purpose of decorating and enrich Israeli gardens aesthetically, and her purpose became to interpret them.

Her paintings can be grouped in series of one common subject: jars, birds, landscapes, etc. Tropical trees, in particular Eucalyptuses, have been a major theme, as well as a kind of consolation and encouragement, she says. They represent an ongoing source of inspiration, with endless possibilities.

Her work has been exhibited worldwide.

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'Into The Woods'

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"Simplistic but peaceful and soothing..."

"I like the way how you make the focus point on the high contrast of the leaves. you don't see too many traditional work like this now a days."

"Beautiful. Well drawn and painted"

"How large are these canvases? This is excellent stuff for spaces that need the light they suggest. Abstract and Realistic at the same time. I can imagine one of these in a windowless corner of my loft.d"

"Bravo! Simple yet enveloping."

"Good art has become common"

"Brava! A solid 4 on the 5 scale. I was intrigued enough to tour the artist's website and was in no way disappointed. Excellent work. Full of the life from which the works are inspired. The botanical works, as finely as they are rendered, also evoke strong emotion and handle light and dark so very well. A viewer can easily call to mind a story or their own potent memory to fit what the works stir up or becalm. Though appreciated, I am not usually a great fan of floral still lifes. This artist's, however, had great energy and a vibrancy of both color and technique that brought excitement to the genre. I'll bookmark this artist's site."

"BEAUTIFUL!!! I can smell it,lol, the lighter shades... Soothing. LOVE this. Namaste'"

"Love the colors! i also like the textures that shows how the leaves look."

"I meant Good Luck not "goos" luck (whatever that means). You won't need luck though, you've got great talent and a very perceptive vision."

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