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Ayaka Ito  New York, NY

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About Ayaka

Ayaka Iko was born and raised in Japan, and received a BSc in communication and interactive design from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York in 2009, four years after emigrating to the United States.

She loves rich colors and all things handmade. During her studies, she created many innovative campaigns within an multi-disciplinary team. More recently she has collaborated on Scribbled Line People with fellow digital artist Randy Church.

Apart from visual art she mostly makes clothes, eats sweets and watches the cartoon show Adventure Time. She has won several online awards and her work has been published in magazines including 3D World.

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"I LOVE HER WEBSITE! It's so much fun to browse through!"

"I like both! Don't listen to any negative comments. I'll bet they couldn't do them."

"Very interesting work, unique...I like it."

"Too disturbing"


"I like it. These two works are at once disconcerting, intriguing and unexpectedly lovely. I was disappointed not to find more examples of this type of creative experimentation on the artist's website. I enjoyed the gestalt effect of these works and found myself asking the question, "How thin and fleeting are the views we have each other and those we pass on the street?" Of course, I am sure there are those who, with a view to the possible futures of robotics and artificial intelligence, might see this artist's ability as a way to lend outer beauty to what may otherwise be all too simply called a jumble of wires. Good work! I hope the good of America outweighs the negatives, that the life lives up to your hopes and that you always find yourself welcome."

"Not digging it. Just looks like distorted pictures to me. Rather uninspired."

"How is it done? any actual drawing involved I wondered? otherwise interesting even though I don't care for people in my artwork tastes!"

"Hmmmm......not quite sure what to say. I guess that's the whole idea, right?"

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