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Valeriy Grachov  Kiev, Ukraine

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About Valeriy

Valeriy Grachov was born in Archangelsk, Russia in 1949. He went to school in Leningrad in 1956 and later moved to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine with the family. He left high school in Kiev and entered Kiev’s Institute of Design and Architecture in 1966 with following graduation in 1972. The artist traveled, resided and worked in many places over mountains in Central Asia, Baikal, Far East, on the islands in Japanese Sea.

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"painter? I thought it was photography in the beginning! hehe.. very well done"

"WOW! undeniable genuis!!thank you for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!"

"These are very realistic oil paintings. Beautiful work."

"HOLY REALISM !!!!!! Your work is superb at first glance I assumed you were a photographer !"

"Oh, I almost forgot. All your new painting image links are broken. I was disappointed I wanted to see your new paintings."

"Valeriy, my favorites are the mountains, islands, and rivers. I like the large vistas. I like how you establish a color tonality in each picture and use it. The mountain photos are grand. But I was glad I went to your website so I could see your paintings. You use a sqare format a lot."

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