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Andrew Smith  Lehi, UT

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About Andrew

Andrew Smith is one of Utah’s most promising young artists. His intricate sculptures, which meld industrial motifs with organic elements, present works of fascination and fancy. His art seems to be a rediscovery of life’s simplicities. Smith’s sculpture has quickly gained national attention through various exhibits and commissioned works. In 2007 he was approached by the National Inventors Hall of Fame to exhibit his work in the show ‘Art of Invention, Invention of Art”, located at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Museum in Alexandria, Virginia.

Smith has built a reputation on creating objects of curiosity. People often ask if he draws out detailed plans or sketches before beginning a piece. Usually, he doesn’t. His works seem to grow as they are being built, in a ‘form follows function” sort of way, involving a lot of trial and error.

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"Great contraptions!"

"I love this kind of sculpture! Great work."

"Fabulous! Absolutely GENIUS! From one artist to another... BEAUTIFUL work!"

"was a great piece of work!"

"it was very imaginitive different"

"Absolute wonders out of nothing....kewl stuff...kudos to you Andrew"

"this picture is really cool"

"That is a really cool picture that was sent to my email thing and the guy who was in the picture if I had a award I would say,"This is for you babe" Love always Stephanie"

"please contact me regarding prices and availability. M Cody"

"What the heck was he thinking when he built that bike!!!!!!!!!"

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