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Dave Kinsey  Los Angeles, CA

Mixed media on canvas
Mixed media on canvas

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About Dave

Dave Kinsey was born in Pittsburgh in 1971 and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Art Institute of Atlanta before moving to California in 1994 to pursue a career as a designer and fine artist. His work captures the universal essence of the human condition mainly through an energetic portrayal of urban figures. Working spontaneously, and utilizing a range of mediums, he constructs multi-layered, textured environments easily likened to the complexities of contemporary life. His portraits depict beings who are both triumphant in their defiant stance to their surroundings, and tragic, as they transmit a visual display of raw emotion and jangled nerves. The style and substance of his body of work originates in street art, and in keeping with his goal ‘to expose as many people to art as possible and to honor the power art has when it’s created and accepted”, Kinsey founded BLK/MRKT Gallery in 2001, allowing him to provide a crossroads for a new movement of young and electrifying iconoclasts. In addition to these pursuits his fine art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide, among these a recent exhibition at the URBIS Museum in Manchester and Art Brussels in Belgium. He has also been featured in such publications as The New York Times, Black Book and BLK/MRKT One and Two, and invited to speak at numerous institutions such as The Art Center College of Design, UCLA, Montserrat College of Art and most recently, the Semi-Permanent conference in Sydney, Australia.

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"David, your work has been some of the most profound on this site.And I visited your web site to enjoy more.BUT, what are you saying in your individial pieces? They are so powerful, and I think I, like many viewers, want to understand the meaning! Please write up a little about invidual pieces on your site!AWESOME!"

"Really great!"

"Stellar work! I want it on my wall!!!!"

"Your first piece is amazing... your work is strong and very powerful. I enjoyed viewing your website and love the color palette consistent through your work."

"Very powerful..."

"I found out about your work in the fall of inspired me to use more abstract and urban elements in my work. Your use of simple shapes and layering is outstanding and very effective. You inspire me to stick to the style of art i create and it lets me know that maybe one day i can get my work out there to be seen by the world! Your an amazing Artist and you have a great deal of respect from me. thanks dave"

"I like how much emphisis you put on your style and imagery... very consistent, which some people don't like but I thoroughly enjoy. Also, I noticed your use of both 3-D and flat/linear imagery... I like that very much. Overal very effective, poinient, direct. All of the things that I enjoy. Well Done!"

"Enjoyed Dave's BLK/MRKT installations.Now he is doing dramatic paintings reminiscent of Second Generation Abstract Expressionism, late 1950s-early 1960s. This is good. The drama, social satire, and energy continue in his work.I enjoy the finished/unfinished quality in his work. Now he has a commodity that he can sell. Is his limited consistent pallette of black red white necessary? Perhaps. Although these are relatively small paintings, they still evoke the scale of his early large murals and installations.Good resume and bio. Good luck, Dave.Dave's paintings are like trying to cross a mine field."

"very interesting work. i very much enjoyed checking out your site.thanks"

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