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Katherine Mann  Baltimore, MD

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About Katherine

My paintings depict an ever-changing fantasy world where Buddhist symbols, blood clots, rain forests and coral reefs collide and intertwine. Each piece functions as a man-sized porthole into a landscape alive with minute details, firing synapses and interlocking systems. This is achieved through the use of perversely careful mark making and the creation of tiny minutia–details that eventually combine to create larger, overarching systems that define the whole painting. I work with ambiguous shapes that could function as elements in radically different environments in the real world–a scabby circular shape becomes a marsh object covered with barnacles, a white blood cell, a cratered moon. Thus, the real environments of reefs, rain forests, outer space and neurobiology are smashed together to create one incongruous whole. I introduce a new context to these elements, and through my exploration of their relationships, incite a subtle tension between them. I double majored as an undergraduate in both art and Human Development, and the vast, complex recesses of our bodies, brains, and environments are a continual source of inspiration.

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"How large are these?"

"I think this is my art teacher whoo paints thesees.she is absaloulty amazing artist her use of color in these is phenominal and they way its prestended in an abstract form is beautiful(:Awh she's brilliant..X x x"

"I just discovered your work Katherine and your paintings are beautiful and so uplifting."

"fantastic work, great use of colours, well done!"

"Katherine creates cool organic landscapes, i really like this, her images are the perfect pictures to the Sounds of the great ambient musician that is Alio!namaste!"

"very creative, i really like the use of colors in the piece."

"I love all the colors used in the picture and how she all pu them together"

"I love the amazing variety of colors you use. Simply stunning!"

"this art is the amazing art that i have seen in your art work so far."

"Awsome!!!! I love those!!! Congratulations,good job!!!"

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