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Simon McWilliams  Belfast, Northern Ireland

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About Simon

Simon McWilliams received a BFA from Royal Art Academy in London in 1998. Prior to that he studied at University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

His latest series, The New Metropolis, takes inspiration from the classic films of Fritz Lang and Pieter Brueghel’s Tower of Babel. The paintings are a deliberate allusion to the fact and fantasy of a rapidly changing environment in Belfast.

McWilliams clothes the strangeness of the new city in resplendent color, invoking majesty rather than its more “dehumanizing” characteristics. McWilliams strives to implant new energy into paint that enlivens and becomes part of the newly emerging buildings he depicts.

His work has been exhibited worldwide.

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"I like the concept of the colors, makes at all so peaceful and full of life. We need more of this in the world."

"I think the image you displayed on this post reminds me of China, and how the world is changing and focused to. The new building colors remind me of ever day new construction that has taken more so in places like Industrialized China."

"WOWi like the second one the best ;-)"

"This is the first time I have ever seen this picture, and the weird thing is that I have seen this in a dream. I love the style! This is not the kind of art I would hang in my living room, but in an office or lounge? Perfect!"

"This is wonderful and amazing !!! How did you do that ??? I found this piece to be a true work of art. It captures all of these vibrant beautiful colors. Keep up the good work Mr. Simon McWilliams !!!!!!!! XD"

"Outstanding work! dynamic, perfectly excecuted! KUDOS!"

"I like it. The colors kind of remind me of looking at a thermal image. It's awesome."

"interesting use of color and great style to the work . for me though, the subject matter of urban development is a serious drag and bummer."

"i love this kind of work, it's eye catching and aesthetically pleasing"

"This is the first time I've thought about the cement and steel of a generic building as beautiful. These works are thrilling! While I'd never be able to afford a McWilliams painting, I'll be following his career with much interest."

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