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Russell Shoemaker  Kansas City, MO

'It's Not Everything'

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About Russell

Russell Shoemaker received a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute in 2009.

His paintings are primal, Rousseauian landscapes that juxtapose his perception of space with literal representation. ‘I choose to explore the body in various states, concrete or abstract,’ he says.

Shoemaker is intrigued by the way in which flesh imprints itself on human memory, and aims to bring the viewer into the work using first person perspective. By this method he hopes to create a grappling effect of hallucinogenic seduction that is able to push and pull without inflicting a specific biography.

His work has been exhibited across the United States and he is currently enrolled in an MFA degree in studio art at University of Connecticut.

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"Russell Shoemaker - you are really good."

"Love this work! I makes my mind work overtime."

"I really like the two paintings featured above. They really caught my eye and drew me in. Good energy between the painting and the viewer."

"With these; anything goes- freedom of thought"

"Interesting techniques and concepts. Of the examples on the artist's website there were some real hits and a miss here and there. I felt the works that included some elements of figuration (even if partial or abstracted) were more successful at displaying the concepts and the artist's talents. He has growing to do, but I like his initiative and direction. Keep exploring and then sharing with the rest of us."

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