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Kyla Zoe Rafert  Madison, WI

'There's Something I've Been Meaning To Tell You'

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About Kyla Zoe

Kyla Zoe Rafert received an MFA in printmaking from University of Wisconsin in 2009. Prior to that she studied at University of Delaware and RISD.

Her paintings echo fairy tales and 17th-century Dutch genre painting. The adolescent female figures depicted in them embody Romantic notions as curiosity, peril, and inevitable loss of innocence.

Beauty, vanity, and vivid patterns abound in her paintings. Rafert intends for them to represent a mature view upon an overly romanticized and fictive history.

Her work has been exhibited across the United States.

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"I love how moody these are--they are both abstract in tone and invite the viewer to speculate about the endless possible stories they tell."

"The first image caught my eye whereas the second did nothing for me. Talented Artist"

"Wow. What an epic piece of art. I love the patterns, they're so detailed! :) Amazing."

"this art is very very inspiring"

"These really speak to me. I can feel the places, the actions."

"I think that it's amazing that some people are able to make such works of art.And I also found this particular piece to have intricate designs and color usage. Keep up the good work Kyla Zoe ! XD"

"I enjoyed studying the detailed patterns throughout the paintings. While the style in general isn't my cup of tea, I find the composition and tone interesting."

"This is interesting art. Very dramatic and inspirational. Well done"

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