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Jennifer Cronin  Chicago, IL

'Lucky to have each other'
'Taken from me'

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Cronin received a BFA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008.

Her paintings focus on the fringes of reality, those things that cannot be perceived in everyday life but are teeming just beneath the surface. Building upon the ubiquitous but often concealed underpinnings of suburban life, Cronin contends to paint a mythology of the seemingly banal.

Her earlier work is peopled with anxious and apparently suburban females looking for a way out, as she herself did, attempting to break through an invisible barrier. ‘Like a painting, [these women] are trapped within their own beauty, grace, and seduction,’ says Cronin.

More recently she has also become interested in the idea of paintings as highly constructed objects, just as our reality is constructed, and no more or less real or meaningful. Likewise, Cronin personifies the paint itself. These paintings grapple with the fact that they are merely paintings, she says.

Her work has been extensively exhibited in Illinois.

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"It's ridiculous all the so called "depth of meaning" people label work like this with. I've studied art for 30 years and can tell you most artists themselves don't even know why they paint most of what they paint because they work through inspiration and emotion not some higher intellectual prowess. On the other hand, it's sad that some of the best painters alive today get belittled because their message has religious overtones. Grow up art world."

"faces are full of emotions. it's easy to have relationship with them. I like it."


"Looks like that in my house when I clean the hair out of the drain. One of those not so glamorous realities. I like it!My interpretation any way."

"i like it"

"simple and unique...well done. :)"

"one of the four humors? black bile?anyway, i dig it. it's intense."

"the best"

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