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Paul Villinski  New York, NY


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Paul Villinski was born and raised in Maine before moving to New York City in 1982. He received a BFA from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in 1984.

A pilot of sailplanes and paragliders himself, Villinski includes many indications of soaring flight in his sculptures. His concern for environmental issues is reflected in hia materials—discarded items re-purposed in surprising and poetic ways.

Villinski has won a National Endowment for the Arts grant and numerous art residencies. His work has been exhibited in galleries nationwide, including recently Museum of Arts and Design in New York and Prospect 1 International Art Biennial in New Orleans.

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"I love your work, it is absolutely unique .Here in SA people also do many creative art work with soda cans but none like yours. I just have one question, how do you attach the wire to the butterfly and what glue do you use?"

"To BiancaIm also doing the same, the best thng to do is research his galleries they give you more insight on the kind of artists he is. Their is a Paul Villinski Bio is avaliabe online I've been using that as a guide."

"Amazing work! If anyone could give me any more information on Paul Villinski it would be greatly appriciated, i am a student currently doing a research project on him and need as much primary research as possible. Thanks :)"

"You are my new favorite artist! Love the butterflies."

"I think its a cello"

"I absolutely love your artwork! It's so amazing and unique. I really love love LOVE your violin and Butterflies. That's just breathtaking! :D"

"I get a very strong sense of freedom from these pieces and they make me want to say, "Yes!" Because the work is beautiful that does not instantly make it "cheesy." I think the question is whether it will make you wish to explore it more and more over time, Diaspora in particular makes me ask questions as well as be delighted. Congratulations to the artist!"

"Gorgeous. Sometimes art may be meaningful, but not appealing. This is both, and this is something I would display in my home."

"Wonderful art. Love the glove stuff, too."

"I don't believe in reincarnation, but I do have to say, "Okay, Icarus, I see you've come back and are hiding in plain sight." I applaud the creativity and the bent on giving all a taste of what it feels like to fly, especially (with works pictured on the artist's website) giving a breath of imaginative freedom to the disabled, the infirm, the emotionally weighed down and/or the child in all of us. I also applaud the repurposing environmental stewardship of what we've been given. You also offer us the ability to SEE such intangibles as music, breath and the spirit. I hope that some day you get to sit down in Eternity for a visit with Alexander Calder. I think he'd say you have the right idea; so keep growing, stretching and making finer the artistic facets of your work."

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