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Julie Blackmon  Springfield, MO

'Take Off'

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About Julie

Julie Blackmon is a photographer inspired by her experience of growing up in a large family and the timelessness of family dynamics.

As the oldest of nine children and mother to three, Blackmon uses her own family and household to document the fantastical element of our everyday lives.

Blackmon has received numerous awards and her work has been exhibited across the United States. She lives in Missouri.

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"Love these."

"This picture shows the loneliness that our children sometimes feel. Maybe he is an only child. I think the picture shows his emotions (sad, alone, outside of himslef)."

"Wow, I've always been inspired by darker artists, but I've never seen darker photography. I love the mysterious side of the first picture, then the second one, and how the boy's shadow seems to be hunched over, like a hidden depression in an almost uplifting room. Very unique!"

"brilliant, extraordinary. The depths of psycologic and phy siological realms. although,for me, it's about beginning to learn to walk,which, to my mind, is a main event."

"These really DO tell stories! They are like little songs, each one distinct from the other. Remarkable! They are fascinating!"

"I love the doll's head. It is central; explains everything! First, he must have been a bad boy and tore it off his sister's doll! I think, okay? (hang with me)... Second, he climbed up the ladder someone was working with, most likely his Dad, probably on the roof? Otherwise, why would the window be left open? This painting really does tell a story, I think, almost inadvertently... too many variables which make you think; the mind tries to automatically explain the variables, (like a phonics picture from Kindergarten or First-Grade). In this way, it's wonderfully confusing! It just doesn't make sense, you see? The boy threw the head into the attic, but, now he's too afraid to follow it into the dark room! He gives that away by looking frightened, too! I love this one, because of this! Robert (an Artist)"

"I find that the fact this artist managed to capture the insanity locked away in someones mind, in photograph is very thoughtfull"

"This artist has really captured the insanity of a child which may look weird but feels deep and emotional"

"These are deep"

"I find here art to be able to reach the stature of looking weird but having a deeper more emotional feel"

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