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Jayne Surrena  Philadelphia, PA

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About Jayne

About Jane:

Jayne Surrena holds a BFA in painting and drawing from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Her collages are inspired by observation, memories, and her frequent paging through old books and magazines. Surrena regards each found piece of imagery as a thought and the consequent layers as memories.

‘My memories tend to get mixed up. I place persons at events they were never at,’ she says. ‘Seeing the images on paper allows me to visually relate this concept of memory and time to others.’

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"Really interesting and awesome -- love both, very creative"

"Online quotes from Jayne Surrena, MA Teaching the Visual Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia: "i only friend attractive people you wouldnt have to worry about our friendship...i dont use my body as a graveyard, i let big girls like you do least tonight when you all stuff your faces you'll think of me :)...nothing is attractive about a big girl adding muscle going home and eating bacon...have fun convincing yourselves youre attractive because no one else and be telling the truth...i just visualized the crumbs on your keyboard...but it is, there is no excuse for letting yourself get to that point... these women in the photo look disgusting. go vegan and you wont ever have any of these issues. i would end it all if i could not fit into a size 4-6 , that should go for all of us.""

"pic a; natures rage to hold the future and present generation togetherpic b; reflecting on the potentials of their relationship."

"Interesting work."

"!Magical! Each of the two images shown here look as if theywould be from 2 different artists! And they are equally intriguing each in there own modes. GENIUS MODE!GODSPEED MS. Surrena"

"i really love this!!!"

"I like it very much. You just made me think. That is something all people should do. Thank you. Keep it up."

"many pics illustrate empowerment and some the fun activities of life that get forgotten. Very enjoyable"

"nothing special. sorry."


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