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Charles E. Williams II  Charleston, SC

'Another Day'
'Looking Up'

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About Charles

Charles E. Williams II holds a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. He was raised in Georgetown, South Carolina around many waterways, which would prove to be a muse to him.

‘There is a parallel between humans and nature. Nature constantly speaks to me and sends a message that’s ever changing, and pure’ says Williams. ‘I am always observing my surroundings, and the vast ray of human conditions we live.’

His work has been exhibited at Pei Lang Gallery, Lagerquist Gallery, Michael Murphy Gallery and Robert Lange Studios, among others. In 2009, he was awarded the Hudson River Fellowship to study with such elite artists as Jacob Collins.

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'South Carolina'

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"Are prints available? 10/27/13 Sun News ,MB ,SC article has me convinced that I must, at least, buy a print, if I can. Have solo show called "Swim" @ the Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum on my "Not to Be Missed" list"

"lovely and love the nature and arty sides together at once, very beautiful and clever and deep (but kind of fun too)"

"I enjoy thinking about the changing levels of reality this style provokes. Where does one end and another begin? Very nice to enjoy."

"Beautiful technique. The unfinished edge brings the viewer into the painting in a cool way. Very interesting."


"I really like the unfinished, running paint on Charles paintings. It is a signature style that is unique and also I want to look at it and think "Wow! How does he transition from the white canvas you see to these beautiful paintings?""

"pic a; clamour for peace and harmony in distress."

"These make me feel good! I love the sky in the water! the edges ate great too!"

"Low Country Lovely! Thanks."

"love this painting, the color is spot on,"

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