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Francis Di Fronzo  San Pedro, CA


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About Francis Di

Francis Gregory Di Fronzo received a MFA in Painting from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1998. Prior to that he studied at California State University, Fullerton.

His career began in the late 1980s under the guidance of painter Jeffrey Carl Horn. In 1996 Di Fronzo moved from Southern California to Pennsylvania, where he started to develop his own brand of landscape painting.

He has received several awards for his work, including a Pew Fellowship in 2004.

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"Beautiful evocative landscapes Francis! I too choose to paint the landscape devoid of humanity . There is comfort in an empty landscape, honouring the fact that the land is always so much bigger than us."

"plain jane, i like it (5)"

"Personally, I feel that even if they were photographs they would still be stunning. The fact that it was painted just makes it mind-blowing. The topic of the paintings may seem mundane, but that IS what makes it a beautiful piece. Not every painting we see has to scream at us "STOP! LOOK AT HOW IMPORTANT I AM!!" In creating a painting that feels so real, and is so able to create a sense of disconnectedness that a lot of people mention, isn't that saying a lot about the painting? Despite its seemingly "mundane" and "uninteresting" topic?Dear Joan of Art, I'm sorry you quit art school, I hope the experience did not completely kill your love for art."

"I quit art school because of comments like these."

"Very Hopperesque. Picasso said "ART is everywhere." It doesn't have to be "It's ART because of this or that..." It's ART because it's ART. (I would have liked a little more empty area around the bus....a personal preference.)Very engaging. Fellow artist."

"To David: At first glance you think it is a photograph. The detail in the painting is extraordinary and would require some heavy duty skill to achieve. Much more so than simply snapping a photo. As for the subject, it requires you to use your imagination to wonder why that car/bus is there. What is the story? Why out there with nothing else around so disconnected from where it should be? That's what I think makes it art."

"David,It's art because it is a representation of the artist's vision. If your medium is photography, then your art is photographs. In this case, it is hyper-realistic painting. You not liking it doesn't make it something other than art, it just means you don't like it. I don't like better than half the images I see on here myself.Nobody said all art was good, but that doesn't make it not art.Tweed"

"Wonderful memories, America's past."

"I agree with David Saylor. The subject is very bland, and the more paintings I scroll through the triter they become. Yes, there certainly is no doubt that he is a talented painter. Every detail is precise and clean. Perhaps if he moved on from dull tractors and abandoned lots it would be a bit more pleasing to the eye."

"anybody can take a picture.what makes it art is the imagination.good thoughts"

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