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Matt Dangler  Demarest, NJ

'Show me the way'
'Sentinels of Serenity'

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About Matt

Matt Dangler received a BFA in Illustration from Uarts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2006.

He was commissioned to illustrate Secret History of Mermaids, published by Templar in 2009, in collaboration with Wayne Anderson, Gary Chalk and Virginia Lee.

Dangler has since received several more commissions and his work has been exhibited extensively in California.

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'New Jersey'

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"What do they mean? I'd like to learn more about the story behind these pieces."

"Brings the scent of mildew to mind (don't ask me why), but I find the work totally fascinating. To quote Tammy, above, I like--and I'm an old lady who loves Wyeth (well, his work, not him)."

"11looks like Hillary Clinton to me,the communist worm that she is."

"great way of getting your imagination out of your head and letting us take a look at it."

"out of this world - creative and beautiful!"

"I prefer to keep some kind of division between fine art, which can move the viewer deeply, and illustration, by no means a lesser craft, but which is used more to tell the viewer the entire story one way or another. This group of images reminds me strongly of Alice in Wonderland and similar later stories.Fine art, in my very humble opinion, should leave some of the work in comprehending the artist's meaning in the mind of the viewer. Yes, that puts the revered Dali and Escher in the category of illustrators. Even Wyeth can be more in illustration than fine art. Examples of great craft, but less engaging of the mind of the viewer. It's an old argument, but please do not think I am putting an excellent illustration a step lower than an excellent painting. They are merely different categories in a wide spectrum, yes? Storytelling is held in high regard by all; fine art can often leave some viewers scratching their heads. My interpretation is the scratching may be a sign that the artwork has left the beginnings of new furrows (learning/perception/synthesis) in the mind, which has been measured by scientists as a slight warming of the brain as it grows and forms new connections, firing synapses that had not be challenged previously. Anyone disagree?"

"ugly but you are a wonderful artist;]"

"Sinister. Under your skin infectious. Wonderfully dark and irritating. Intense ability to transcribe mindsight."

"Pure talent! Amazing detail...very creative...absolutely a scene from a dream :) May he continue on his quest to find the land of the hamster patches-where serenity and tranquility are the norm and ALL people are able to appreciate these masterpieces from a much deeper part of their soul-rather than just their eyes"

"This is an interesting piece of art that really gets the mind going on possible symbols and meaning. The Triskelion and crystal ball could suggest an interest in the mystics."

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