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Karen Hollingsworth  Atlanta, GA

'Brown Paper Packages No. 2'
Oil on canvas
'Crayola No. 12'
Oil on canvas

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About Karen

Karen Hollingsworth is known for her unique light, airy WindowScapes. In the past the artist painted interior spaces, now she includes an open window that acts as a portal into the space beyond. Her large oil paintings often depict subject matter that is fairly minimal, chairs and ordinary interior settings, however what attracts many viewers is the mysticism evoked by the movement of the air and the ocean breeze through the curtains.

For Karen, a painting is about the feeling it evokes. Although there are no figures present in her WindowScapes, it is difficult to deny the implications of vacant chairs in such an empty space. She is interested in creating the “impression” of looking through a room and seeing the world outside.

Karen explains her work by saying, “When I finally decided to pursue art as a career, my first ambition was to paint portraits. Although I feel that I attained success in this area, I realized that I sometimes enjoyed painting the backgrounds, as much as the people. This led me to paint what I’m doing now, roomscapes. I’m trying to recreate the experience found when a room is bathed in strong sunlight, transforming simple human things, chairs, beds, paper bags, into objects of beauty.”

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"One of my favorite painters for several years now, always a stimulating adventure to study Alex's work."

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