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Wendy Wagner  Houston, TX

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About Wendy

Wendy is a Texas native. After studying graphics in college, she soon went back to her first love of painting.

Exploring different painting techniques, ceramics and animation, her work plays out personal narratives from her past and present with her whimsical characters.

Wendy on her work:
Drawing is instrumental in my work, from sketching ideas to using colored pencil, pastels, and graphite as an application on the works. Also using tinted gesso, acrylic paint and oil paint, I layer imagery letting bits and pieces show though.

As with all of my work, there is a lighthearted curiosity, and silliness. I am rewarded however and amazed by how my subconscious mind continually communicates through the process of creating art.

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"i tried to check out the website but it was having trouble loading, i guess, because nothing ever came up...too bad...maybe she can check it out and i'll check back..i'm interested to see her other works!!!!"

"It was great to meet you at the Hobbit Sunday noon.After reading about you I really don't know any poets that would come up to your talent! I am always thrilled to meet good artists and although I work at paromotkng poetry I am interested in poets and artists complimenting each other's work.Keep on, keeing on"> as my maid of long ago would say. and God Bless!Winifred"

"Her art is so great, she won the Hunting prize of $50,000.00!!!"

"At first, I wasn't sure what to think but after visiting Wendy's wonderful website and seeing her silly, delightful work, I'm astounded. She's great."

"Wendy does great work, far more compelling in person than on a monitor. I find this particular piece mysterious and oddly involving, even a little ominous. Space invaders landing on a calm unsuspecting island?"

"Love it!"


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