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Andrea Kowch  Detroit, MI

'The Feast'

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About Andrea

Andrea Kowch holds a BFA from College for Creative Studies in her native Michigan.

Largely self-taught and influenced by the work of American Masters and the Old Masters of the Renaissance, Kowch paints in a controlled manner with close attention symbolism and mood.

The allegorical side of her work is intended to draw parallels between human experience and the natural world. The lonely and desolate American landscape reflects the human soul, symbolizing all things powerful, fragile, and eternal, she says.

Kowch has received numerous honors and exhibited in Capitol Hill, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Diane von Furstenberg Gallery, and Margulies Collection, among others. Her work has been collected nationwide and in Canada.

Recommended by our guest curators

Dorothy O’Connor

Atlanta, GA artist

"I love everything about her paintings.... The rich colors, the strange luminous light - like the characters are stuck in a weirdly bright cloudy day, the wind that blows through every deceptively calm scene and catches every one's hair creating a sense of foreboding chaos, the bucolic life in the foreground while natural disasters are happening off in the distance, animals often misbehaving in the periphery , and women (sisters?) usually at the center of it all. I could definitely go on."

Walter Martin

Musician, The Walkmen

"These painting remind me of J.W. Waterhouse and the other pre­Raphaelites. I always loved that stuff. It's all so odd and dreamlike and pretty. My favorite Kowch picture is called Dream Chaser. I can't tell what's happening exactly but it's beautiful and the colors are incredible-- ­­so warm, like those great dark moments before a summer afternoon storm. Wait, maybe that's what's happening!"

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"Is there a book published of ANDREA KOWCH 's PAINTINGS or a Catalogue and where I can buy one? Otherwise is there a Catalogue?Thank you for the reply and prices, we are in France.Mrs Lokmer."

"Magnificent painting!"

"Absolutely masterful!!"

"So awesome never knew acrylics could look like the way you've mastered them I first saw one of your world the red head girl running from the barn into a field a tried to copy it with watercolor"

"Sono rimasta affascinata dalla tua pittura per una volta vorrei essere ricca per poter acquistare tanta bellezzaCiao Jolanda"

"Vorrei essere ricca per poter acquistare i suoi quadri che mi hanno commossa e affascinata jolanda"

"Really great painting. Wish the painting was larger so as to include the high power fan on the left of the picture. None the less, I can hear the sound of the wind- talk about a wind tonnell"

"|:O kind of reminds of a weird book I read wen I was a little kid.the illustration in the book were almost exactly the same.-.-"


"Great work.."

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