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Gisela Insuaste  Chicago, IL

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About Gisela

My work is based on memories of real and imagined landscapes that are precarious yet beautiful. By playing with scale, line, imagery, and diverse materials, I create drawings, paintings and large-scale installations that map out and emphasize the subtle and quirky topologies of urban spaces: they are shifty, unstable, and ambiguous, and reflect the physical, emotional, and socio-political charged spaces we live in. For me, the process of collecting, documenting and interpreting material culture is significant in creating work that is not just an end product in itself but can promote the continuous interpretation of ideas and the interconnectedness of people, places and things. I use drawing as the basis for this conceptual framework, which allows me to move freely between 2-D and 3-D works and create relational systems that examine the concept of time, history and memory while questioning both individual and shared spaces. These spaces consider the dynamic yet fragile relationship we have with the natural and man-made architectural forms that surround us. My travels continue to inform my work, where a shift in location, in emotion, in activity, gives rise to new ways of looking and interpreting.

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"I'm seeing this months too late but the work is wonderful, I especially like seeing the installation with the black pieces stacked on the stilts - I got to spend a lot of time with a different incarnation of these forms and they're a favorite."

"Goose is great."

"Your work, as pictured on gmail, resonated! Somehow I knew I had been inside each scene. I could feel the chill of the snow amidst triumphant blue reeds I was awed by the soft black anthers swaying on slender silver stalks.I thought I was a realist, but your work soars above mere genres."

"that looks kind of cool, good job."

"I just saw your work for the first time today on gmail. I then read your work bio and was very moved by it. I am actually crying as I read it because it's hard to find an artist who connects with life and can apply it over many dimensions, i.e. technically, socialogically, physically, and spiritually. You're not just a picture on the wall - thank you."

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