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Erik Wayne Patterson  Brooklyn, NY

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About Erik Wayne

My paintings function in a slightly unusual way; rather than aiming to create some amazing new visual phenomenon, they aim to reiterate as many old, hackneyed ones as possible, to the point of absurdity. The reason for this is my interest in the zone which exists between the way we imagine things are, and the way things actually are. In this zone, imperceptible but vast, we can find the building blocks of the familiar imagined or “processed” world: endless pop-culture icons, childishly simplified categories or expectations, formulaic narrativeï. One reason this is important is that nearly any failure to communicate, comprehend, or connect is attributable to the flawed logic of that zone�. In my paintings, those failures are made the focus: incompatible levels of representation collide in ridiculous ways, and guilt, shame, paranoia, fear, and violence ensue. But in the end, none of it is outlandish. It’s very close to home, familiar, and often unexpectedly humorous. If we can’t stop fictionalizing in this way, we should at least be able to laugh about it.

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"Great to see your work and know you are continuing with your talents.Ms. Gomane It is Scholastic Awards time and I plan to share your work with my AP and Advanced ClassYour High School Art Teacher"

"Hi Erik,I've enjoyed your work ever since I discovered your website through a friend [around 2007 or so?], and I can't even remember the number of times I shared your work with friends and acquaintances. I'm disheartened to see that your website is no longer available, I've always enjoyed browsing your various pieces and enjoying their surrealist humor. [If you're wondering to yourself why I never bought any of your work, well, I was 17 in 2007]. Anyway. I hope you are doing well and still pursuing your art.Best wishes from your fan,Alyssa"

"AWESOME! I love the absurd! My work is very similar and I know of a gallery that would love to show your work."

"this is an interesting picture."

"The illustration with the autronat is interesting and intrigued, and it has good value. The only thing though, is that the illustration one point perspective, when it should've had a two point pers."

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