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Isaac Cordal  Brussels, Belgium

'Follow the leader'

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About Isaac

Isaac Cordal is a installation and street artist. Since 2006, he has been engaged in a nomad project called Cement eclipses.

His human figurines, standing only about 25cm tall, are made with cement and then reproduced using silicone moulds. They represent a kind of metamorphosis, whereby man trades his role of citizen for one as a piece of urban furniture.

Hiding among streets, sidewalks and walls in order to transform, little by little, the urban environment in its natural habitat, Cordal embodies the spirit of guerrilla street art.

His work has been installed in urban areas of Berlin, London, Brussels, Liege, Barcelona, and Vigo, among others. Most of the photographs documenting this process were taken in London, where Cordal currently lives.

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Padua, Italy artist

"His mini-artworks between sculpture and street art are intriguing: they create new worlds in our everyday dimension. I really appreciate communicative art and Isaac Cordal is a great example of it!"

Gregory Euclide

Minneapolis, MN artist/educator

"I am not completely familiar with Isaac’s work but, I have seen it here and there. When miniatures inhabit the same space we are accustomed to it allows me to look at the space in a different way; a magical way. I enjoy that fantastic element of this work, but because it also has a very dark tone it cuts through that playful, childlike fantasy."

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'Under Water'



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"wow I had just found this site and I came across this and its so intriguing and interesting. I loved your video."

"freakin' awesome. Appreciate the video. :) :) :)"


"Not sure what to think of them, but I love the imagination and the thought put into both the pictures. Never would have thought of puddles that way. :)"

"i love this!"

"Reminds me of a few statue installations in Vancouver."

"Wow, this is crazy. Not sure if I like it or not?? It definitely gives you something to think about and ponder."

"I think it's very inspiring to the untrained eye. As a people we take things so literal instead of living in the moment and with these pieces I felt"finally somebody took a risk and did what they felt."

"it is a whole world of happenings - the mere size of the figures speaks of giants in their own presence - not enough words to describe this artist - I think he sees the world as it is happening around us - we are drowning even in shallow pools - of mere inches of nothing - extraordinary.RABIN"

"Fascinating, but too wierd and scary for me!"

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