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Chris Anthony  Los Angeles, CA

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About Chris

Chris Anthony was born, raised and miseducated in Stockholm, and also lived for awhile in the diametrically opposed cities of Indianapolis and Florence. A rock photographer during his teens, he shot for music mags all over the world until his retirement at the age of 17 when he moved to Italy to study art history in his free time. After directing music videos(The Dandy Warhols), commercials(Deutche Telekom), shorts and cartoons for a number of years, in Europe, Morocco and the US.

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"at first i was a bit scared of your work. but then i remembered: a good artist can get an emotion out of you through their piece. well done."

"If I had to select one word to describe your photographs above, that word would be--Profound!"

"these are ah-mazing photos theres very strong meanings in them and he did a grate job protraying them =) i give you 2 thumbs up for ur creativity and artwork good job!! ur ahmazingly spicy by the way haha"

"Second pic is a profound message. I like it very much. could I tack them up on anything that is accessible to put them on , this 4th of july? love it!!! We are a National Guard town, the reserve is just over the hill."

"Mr. Anthony ~ Your visions are very LOUD...but it is your whispers that I, personally, as one who appreciates me the song of your soul...please allow me the opportunity to see if I can play it...I've looked at your know you are are still young however...I will wait with great anticipation...for your...whisper...with fondness and much admiration...Rose"

"almost as cleche as it is well rendered. interesting story as well."

"Not my cup of tea but obviously very talented..."

"Suggestive, puzzling, disturbing, challenging. Pictures from an old-but-new age. I think this is really good work."

"I love political things like this. I espically like the first one."

"This is amazing!<3"

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