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Jason Chase  Boston, MA

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About Jason

I was raised by a television in suburban America — tuned in to all the big, bold, shiny things being sold in big, bold, shiny commercials. One of my first memories is the colors of the cereal aisle flashing by as I rode in my mom’s grocery cart. I still see things this way. I’m more likely to notice an ad on the side of the highway than the forest behind it.

What has become visual white noise to most people is what I’m interested in. This is what America really looks like: strip malls full of franchises, endless arrays of products and packaging “¦ anything to isolate us from the unfamiliar. I think that these mundane things that have so completely saturated our lives have inherent moments of value. Painting them shows us something about who we are, what our values are, and what’s surprisingly acceptable and eerily beautiful.

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"Love your artist's statement. Caught my attention from the first sentence. Oh, love your art, too ?"

"i LOVE jason's work. i get it and i think that people like us that were raised on tv and corn pops can relate to it best...and your technical skills are f*ckin' amazing! i can't emphasize that enough!"

"Incredible paintings. With deft hand, keen eye and a nod and a wink Jason Chase creates paintings that peel back the layers of the American ethos like pulling the wrapping off of a Snickers bar. Not merely satisfied with taking on the branding of our society Jason takes on the social vacuum left in its wake."

"Hi Jason. Best as ever. Greetings from Italy"

"I love Jason Chase, he is a genius."

"Breath taking and relevant, America has its hold on to your brushes!"

"The shopping trolley above really show how everyone - including myself depend on such ridiculous foods and in such large amounts . i also love the american flag hammer - great"

"genius! your choice of subject and medium brings honesty to a convoluted world"

"Its good,but not forvme."

"well, despite what anyone else says, i think they are incredible. its almost that the product of his work is not as important as the process this artist went through to paint these spectacular images and what was going through his mind when he came up with his themes. i especially love the blow-up american flag hammer. i really respond to that as america's domination over its people through the media."

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