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Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan makes freehand drawings in sand. At low tide on wide beaches Jim searches the shore for a wave tossed stick. After finding a good stick and composing himself in the near and far environment Jim draws-- laboring up to 7 hours and walking as many as 30 miles. The resulting sand…

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What people are saying

"I can't imagine working so hard on drawing only for it to be washed away. Very out of the ordinary, and super cool."


"so simple-looking, but I know a great amount of work was put into it."


"it reminds me of like oblivion and everyone's trying to find their place in the universe. great piece. it has a lot of potential to it. thanks for sharing."


"Fine introspection, on such an magnificent scale. Added bonus to these works: a wonderful soundtrack. Not to mention the smelltrack and the ... feeltrack? Windtrack? Skintrack? LOL... multimedia, in a"


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Don Fritz