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Bill O’Neil  Milwaukee, WI

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About Bill

My work represents a conflict between chaos and order, randomness and structure, tension and harmony. And I hope to create, each time someone experiences one of my pieces, discovering something new.

I really never approach my art very logically. It’s all fairly impulsive and obsessive. I just try to understand what it means when it’s complete. My work is most often inspired by prime numbers, cryptography, relationships, personal experiences, cereal advertising, cult science-fiction, vintage comicbooks, or the ramblings of my childhood diaries. I like to think of my style as a super-natural fusion of urban graffiti, mid-century modern abstracts, advertising design, and some kind of otherworldly information maps.

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"I'm not even going to be very nice about it...This artist is blatantly ripping off Basquiat.Bill... find your own voice."

"I like Basquiat's art very much, and I admire this artists efforts, but ultimately it's "a bad thing" ...if I have to choose between those two phrases. This artist should look for his own voice. Basquiat's work was about personal encoding (along with many more concepts), for example, his use of the crown image in many artworks. I would encourage this artist to discover his own codes. You wouldn't use a another families coat of arms would you? Mr. O'Neil keep painting, ...better yet keep painting in this style, but explore your families heritage (the Irish have a great history in America, I know, I'm one of them too), look to your personal experiences and find your own codes. One of Basquiat's most powerful paintings is "Irony of a Negro Policeman" ...look here - deals with some very personal issues for Basquiat. The Irish, once reviled upon mass immigration, have a long history of becoming policemen especially in larger east coast cities. Here is a simple but good starting point for an exploration to discover your personal codes."

"chaos and order... my favority soup, je.I like this work"

"I agree that it looks very much like basquiat, is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Really like the piece."

"Looks exactly like Jean-Michel Basquiat."

"Love the dynamism! Very contemporary, relevant point of view. Would love to see more."

"We really enjoyed this work - maybe because its a little bit like our own - visual poetry?"

"I really enjoyed this work."

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