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Robin Eley  Adelaide, Australia

'Mother's Hands'

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About Robin

Robin Eley was born in London, England, and was raised in Australia. He received a BFA from Westmont College in California, then returned to Australia where he now lives.

He is inspired by historic artifacts and and the modern obsession with perfection—the themes of his paintings are impermanence, aspirations and failed ambition.

Eley has won numerous awards and his work has been exhibited across Australia.

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Doug Bloodworth

Boca Raton, FL artist

"Along with Roberto Bernardi, Eley is one of the world’s greats when it comes to the hyperrealistic portrayal of crinkling plastic. Love, love, love."

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"it's ether a really good paining or a really weird photo.:)"

"@Rabin, all you have to do is click the work you want to view and it is still and can be enlarged."

"I look at these paintings and think, "How could someone paint something so amazing, something so simple, that speaks so many words?" and my only guess is, "Believing." I am also an artist. I am 13 years old and I now have someone who has inspired me to go beyond what I thought was possible. I am a huge fan of yours, Robin Eley. Thank you."

"Is it a painting or a photo because it looks so realistic. Love it."

"MY SLIGHT REVIEWpic a; great labour/achievements is rooted strongly on bonding & teamworkpic b; a nymph of adult excitement."

"very good"

"I thought it was photography.. the realism is just unbelievable!"

"Young hands, connected to a woman who has seen too many days of hard work. She is as good as homebaked bread, as clear as the glacial melt of a mountain stream. Slender, like a willow switch, with large eyes that have seen too much, too soon."

"The picture is simple but has a lot to say. The lady's hands have a voice of their own. They show character, a life of strong hard leasons but a tender loving woman. Look at people's hands they all have a story to tell. Lovely work!"

"Absolutely fantastic work! Your website makes it too difficult to enjoy your work, however. I got frustrated with trying to get the page to hold still long enough for me to click on everything. Still, your artwork is brilliant."

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