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Aimee Fitzgerald  Canberra, Australia

'The Artist as Her Mother when she started losing blood'
'The Artist as an Eighteenth Century Woman'

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About Aimee

Aimee Fitzgerald was born in Sydney, Australia. She acquired her first camera when she was thirteen. Seven years later, in 2008, she was awarded an arts scholarship to Australian National University. She received her BFA in 2011.

Her portraits explore the visual linguistic constructs of portraiture throughout history, whereas her landscapes depict places significant to her personal story. ‘I use traditional photographic media to recreate my own subjective experience of the place’, says Fitzgerald.

Her work has been exhibited several times in Canberra.

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"this is so lovely the women are so amazing the look she portrays is almost alien in a long ago world where people were simple and innocent"

"I love how she incorporated the modern woman in the renaissance era, yet it allows us to view the women in the original portrait from a modern perspective."

"I'm not impressed. The images are graphically interesting, but use rather tired imagery and exhausted thematic elements. Plus, the title looks to have been stolen from Joanna Newsom's song of the same title. Hm..."

"omg , so realistic natural pic ... i love it ( especially the second one ) ^^"

"This piece inspires both intrigue and concern. Very nicely done."

"Women are extremely beautiful creatures. the time portrayed in these pictures are some that we have not many photos of. it is very creative to take them up."

"graceful ,and raw looks just like she steped out of the eighteenth centery ."

"her pictures are SO STILL...nice!!! google her..btw that 2nd pic, the background's edge is showing..lmao"

"i believe seeing only "hidden sensuality" in her work deprives one from experiencing the true "deeper" essence in her work that i see..."

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