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Lisa Alisa  New York, NY

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About Lisa

Lisa is known for provocative graphic images of young women that bear a strong self-portrait resemblance. Lisa Alisa’s work addresses issues of independence, femininity, youth, environment and natural conservation. She has been published and exhibited worldwide.

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"Th colors are so Simplistic, I LOVE IT!! Keep it up!"


"Wow... That's beautiful, kind of like the style of a geisha drawing... i really like it! YOur a GOOD artist!!!!"

"that fille gots 11 fingahs"

"hey the pic at th etop has way to many fingers what is up with that?but i really like the second picture is way to cute i love it!!!!!"

"this is very nice i loved it alot"

"Beautiful :D i love your work!"

"Phil has a point--too many fingers on that girl. Intentional? I think not. If it were, Phil would not be the only one with a point."

"wow, very nice. kinda edgy. makes me wanna shiver. well done."

"I love your work!"

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