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Winni Wintermeyer  San Francisco, CA


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About Winni

Winni Wintermeyer founded 3am. A photographer and designer for the entertainment industry, he has worked with with everyone from Kristin Schaal to Tom Waits. He recently contributed a selection to New Photography, an exhibition at the MOMA in San Francisco.

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hey vango is better but this guy is an artist

ooooooooooo~ awesome~!

I love the angle and colors.

Love these! Especially the first one! I can feel the warm, summer night air!

I like it! Visuals of what I see. I can relate to and 'receive from'. What I always look for in art.

excellent pics, love to paint them

this is an awesome photo, i really want to be a photographer and this is exactly why. this photo is amazing. i can only hope one day i will be able to take such cool pictures. i won't be running at 5 in the morning

Simply gorgeous!

As we used to say in baseball, "Good eye. Good eye." Excellent, insightful and intuitive photography. I also enjoyed the overview of the artist's graphic arts work displayed on his website. I recognized his "Flogging Molly" cover from time spent on Amazon just earlier today. Doing well commercially is always encouraging to the freer artistic visions. Gave you a 4 -- very well done.

moon light in the clouds very cool

I don't know why, but I really like these photos. In particular, I like the billboard photo a lot because it leaves you wondering what's on the other side.

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