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Andrew McAttee  London, UK

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About Andrew

Andrew McAttee studied fine art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design after many years as a graffiti artist. During his studies he became increasingly interested in abstract expressionism and pop art. These have gradually blended with his older influences of other street artists to create a hybrid style.

With his spinning, euphoric, and fantasy landscapes, McAttee conveys an overwhelming sense of optimism or excitement that mirrors his experience as a graffiti artist, working under the constant threat of thieves and police. Apart from producing his own work, he has run workshops for teenagers with behavioural problems.

McAttee has been commissioned by Benson & Hedges, Nike, and fashion designer Antonio Berardi amongst others. His work has been exhibited in New York and across Europe, including a solo show in London.

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"what year was this made in?"

"Very interesting but it seems very commercial to me!"

"I love the colors. I like round things , not straight lines. The colors make me feel happy ! and alive ."

"These are really cool and beautiful... i think that and i'm just a 13 year old ametuer artist!! I really do love them, i've always beena fan of abstract (if that's not what you were going for sorry thats just how i saw it!)...i like it! :)"

"looks like how my heartfeels when I look at my husband of 41 years!"

"i don't know,for some reason this makes me want some bubble gum or pop rocks or jaw breakers.( smile)"

"Big Bangs, indeed: nice explosive (literally)use of great colors. I could see these on my office inspire me towards the Big Bang I need in my writing, which is, unfortunately, in a dull state of grey...not even shades of grey...just nothing. These are very energetic pieces that somehow manage to rise above "cute" or "kitschy."Very nice work."

"I feel McAttee`s peice is... explosive. Explosive with passion and emotion, creation and light, and love, and color. Yet, so much more. This peice describes my moto:"Words are just things, emotion is passion. This is indescribable."-Ezmerelda ValentineSpain`s finest/most famous art critic"

"man i wish i could do that i mean like whole moly lol"

"looks like paint ballons"

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