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Eric Armusik  Hamburg, PA

'St. Jerome'
'The Madness of Nero'

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About Eric

Eric Armusik is a skilled portrait and figure painter. His paintings have been displayed in galleries and museums in Philadelphia, New York, and Florence, Italy. His skills are appreciated by critics and patrons because of his ability to combine technical brilliance with elaborate drama and emotion in both his figures and their settings. Armusik attended Pennsylvania State University, where he earned a B. F. A. in painting, with and a minor in an art history focusing on Baroque art. He spent one semester studying painting and art history in Italy. The rare opportunity to view masterworks by Baroque painters Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi had a profound effect on the direction and quality of his work. His paintings are in the permanent collections of The Trenton City Museum, Lehigh Valley Hospital and several private collections. His work has also been prominently featured in American Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, Victorian Homes, Old House Journal, and ArtMATTERS.

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"I visited this artist's site. Don't know why he doesn't have the newer work from his site on here. The stuff from 2008 is more dramatic and Old Master-like. Much better painting than these."

"I visited Erik's website. Every painting deserves great praise. Christina is right--these paintings tell a story (made even more fascinating because possibilities are endless & left to the imagination of the viewer). I could stare at his paintings for hours. Sadly, I can't afford them. Please consider limited edition prints!"

"These are truely amazing works of art. I would love to see one of these up close in person. Truely an inspiration."

"Yup... I'd agree. Great storytelling... Lovely light-work as well... Keep it up!"

"The second painting is the best painting i have ever seen!.. ive never seen anything like it its so beautiful... i love it.. especially because reading is my favorite.. hobby :D.. your a great artist know i know why your paintings are published everywhere!"

"very beautiful. i agree, the first one is best because it allows the viewer to focus more intently upon the subject of the painting. Very emotional; both paintings tell a story, and the possibilities of what has happend and is about to happend in these paintings are practically endless. Superb."

"Both paintings are exceptionally beautiful (and interesting), I think. I agree the first is stronger because it has fewer distractions. This is a gifted artist for sure -- hope to see more!Diane"

"love the colors, very emotional. great!"

"I love the first photo but not a 5 star because the 2nd one list just wasn't as stunning although very beautiful.Joseph"

"Your work is excellent."

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