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Carlos Mercado  San Juan, Puerto Rico

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About Carlos

Carlos Mercado describes himself as a conceptual artist first, and a painter second. Inspired most by experimental and pop art, he began his search for abstraction by covering himself in acrylic and making impressions of his body on canvas. Later he moved on to mixed media and collage.

His motivation to develop comes from the urge to express himself in new ways, explains Mercado, who is self-taught. Since 1989, his work has been exhibited over a dozen times, in Puerto Rico and the United States.

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"They say a true artist steals"

"His passion for art and recreating (in his own style) previous pieces; like "Flamming June"; gives a different perspective of the original piece. Carlos; Ponce, Puerto Rico; is proud of you and your work. A big hug!"

"This is just a appetizer from what I have seen. He has more amazing arts to show. He has the greatest abstracts I have ever seen!"

"amazing how someone can capture the softness of life with art"

"overall well crafted pictures. combination of media with collage very well executed. as if painted with the same brush. finesse in rendition despite of somewhat undertones of darkness and violence ,is commendable.and to the artist : go alone where your emotions are taking you, you don't need a teacher nor an education!"

"the top totally reminds me satan when he was cast out of heaven."

"wow this is very interesting it caught my eye and held it down to the very distinct point."

"I love the contrast in the colors. So beautiful."

"He makes me proud to be a Puerto Rican!"

"Exquisitely unique!! Colours are so shocking and lively and pieces are very captivating."

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