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Elod Beregszaszi  London, UK

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About Elod

Elod Beregszaszi is a paper artist-engineer based in London. Popupology, his creative enterprise, is an extensive collection of paper sculptures.

Beregszaszi involves himself in every aspect of his work, including making the paper itself. ‘I am in love with paper,’ he admits. His greatest interest, apart from art, is swimming.

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"I am inspired from your work. I am also practicing and understanding the process."


"Ethereal. Beautiful. Would be a beautiful installation for a Church."

"I like the un-sentimental nature of the works"

"Elod, your making me love paper too. you go E. Your shaking it up and tearing it down."

"I love this multidemensional piece. Very impressive and I so envy your steadiness of hand. I have attempted to do something similar but on a much smaller scale. There must be thousads of ways to make a mistake. I think I made all of them in my small project. congratulations on perfectly executing this piece. It is beautiful."

"Brilliant, lad, brilliant! Toured the greater part of your Flickr gallery as well."

"Such a beautiful piece; does it hang from the ceiling or sit on the floor?"

"i like it"

"This piece of artwork has such depth and symmetry. I love the symmetry! I liken it to the healing crystal symmetries used in Atlantas and Lemuria. Very beautiful. Thank you!"

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