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Yeonju Sung  Seoul, South Korea

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About Yeonju

The food medium I have chosen for clothes are not protective enough for our body, or durable. Also, it is unmanageable to the passing of time and is easily affected by surroundings. An original function of clothes as a protector for skin is totally destroyed since my clothes are made with food. In my imagination, anything could be considered “clothing” without a formal notion and frame that are usually represented as contexture of textile in a process of making clothes – with a mannequin in my case.

I create my own world of reality by generating a completely different set of images that contradict the conventional notion of food and clothes. As time goes by, the food from my work do go through a progression of disappearance due to the nature of food and gets gradually changed into the hideous state fading its shape and color in the process.

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"Those are beautiful dresses. would totally wear one"

"i like the sharpness in these dresses"

"I wanted to slide into the home-a very snug, womb, back to Mom. But then I quickly realized I would lose the colors, and the chair, and the beauty of the landscape.Any way I understood thechair blocked door, so that was decided-I'm on the outside for good.All this happened in a flash-maybe only twenty seconds.I'd hang this painting where I could see it often. Who couldn't use the calm?"

"female beauty is medicine for male eyes"

"a very nice painting! although i do not see what it is, but thats what makes it interesting! it captures your attention with bright colors contrasting on dark ones, and draws your eyes to the center. you sit ther eand look at it imagining all sorts of things it could be. I like it."

"The concept is quite interesting but the products don't seem that pleasing to the eye. However I disagree with the person who said "it's a waste of food" if you're going to take that stance you might as well say that all art is a waste of some resource"

"This is very cool, but I don't really get it."

"I thought this was good before I knew it was a dress. it's a beautiful image makes me think of the Futurists."

"pretty cool im not art fancy but i know what i like looking at"

"If you go to the artist's website you'll find the top piece is made from fried eggs and the red dress from tomatoes."

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