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Glenn Fischer  New York, NY

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About Glenn

I use materials like paper, vintage textbooks, and magazines to make my work. I am especially drawn to color, imagery and subject matter from the 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s. In my current work, I am concerned with the interaction of color and pattern and its relationship to movement. Sometimes within the ovals there are images, or fragments of an image. They are scattered throughout the canvas, sometimes forming a narrative and sometimes not. They can feel like a lost deserted object unexpectedly found while walking along a path.

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"Very arts and crafts--makes me want to get my glue stick, my kid's scissors and construction paper out. Interesting...."

"I have followed his work for quite some time from his first show in Brooklyn. He gets more and more amazing with each new collection. Street has it that he's broken from his hibernation and is working in a new studio @ Yoho...Can't wait to see what comes up."

"I like your use of color! Keep it up."

"some wired wackey style but...its okay i guess.not bad. but you have to look really hard."

"i love it it is so spontanious!many people think these are just ordanary circles but they were wrong they are a work of art!i love it."

"I'm sorry to say it not for me."

"I think that this art is simple yet inresting. I like the art"

"i wish i could do somthing like that i am a good artist but this is amazing"

"When I read what the artist said about the materials he uses I had an Ah-ha! Of course, old textbooks--the colors were so familiar. I think this is wonderful. I look at the pieces and feel as though I am on a treasure hunt. I would enjoy having this to go back to over and over again."

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