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Melissa Loop  Minneapolis, MN

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About Melissa

I am primarily a painter, but I also make sculptures and installations with everyday craft, party, and home improvement materials. For the past couple of years, I have taken the basic concept of Utopia as the perfect faraway island, and developed an idiosyncratic language to be more specific about how and what I want to communicate. This has also allowed me to expand my ideas and now I find each piece opens me to more and more nuanced explorations of manmade fantasies in both the real and digital world. Until recently I have been painting ambiguous landscapes of utopian islands that are in a constant state of forming and imploding on itself. However, my newest work explores more specific ideas of utopia as it directly relates to our search and attempt at perfection in cities, parks, vacation destinations, and digital landscapes. These paintings act as metaphors for our simulations of natural habitats, social structures, and consumerist environments. Within the fantasy lies a gray area of cultural seduction and exploitation where I can explore my desire, repulsion and contribution to it.

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"I love your work and see so much coming from it, like there is so much for you to explore as an artist. Reminds me of Franz Ackermann who is one of my fav painters ever. Congrats!"

"Sorry, I just always think it's so sad when talented people do not want wittle bitty babies to share with. wiil keep watching, joan"

"I would love to find an island like yours with all of the colors and concepts! I like your approach!"

"this is interesting. i like the juxtaposition."

"nice work melissa loop, i hope we could be friends. write back"

"I like it looks so cooooool!"

"Hi! I really enjoyed your Art! :)"

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