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Carrie Ann Baade  Wilmington, DE

'Artemis Creatrix'
Oil on panel
'Bad Government'

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About Carrie Ann

This is a metaphor of the futile and painful aspects of existence. Each of us works to keep ourselves alive and to perhaps one day work hard enough to be out of immediate danger. We persevere through pain in order to survive. The struggle is to manifest meaning out of this toil; there appears to be something or someone higher than ourselves that demands that we participate. To deny participation is death.

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"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; the catastrophic consequence of civilization founded on mystic beliefs.pic b; death and decay in a royal family,propelled by the unforgiven atrocities of the past."

"very salvidor dali esque"

"beautiful, rich work! great subjects and color! this is on the top list of favorites for this site. im a fan of the old byzantine religious art so this really caught my eye! Carrie has intelligently executed modern and intriguing spins on old themes. fresh and exciting work--love it!"

"read between the lines and see the all seeing eye if you are traveling east and looking for the light"


"Interesting concept. Well done. Good imagination,color and thought provoking."

"If his ego allowed, Dali' would be applauding these works. Gut-punching surrealism. Bravo."

"Wonderfully bizarre and twisted. torment appears the theme. nicely done, thank you!"

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