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Casey Gray  San Francisco, CA

'Still Life with Flowers #7'
Spraypaint, ink on panel
'Drowning In A Drought'
Spraypaint, ink on panel

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About Casey

Through a meticulous practice of hand-cut stenciling, Casey uses spray paint and various urban media techniques involving the dense layering of image, symbol and pattern to produce bold, colorful paintings that are both graphically and conceptually compelling. His paintings are multilayered and interconnected, with imagery being drawn from a symbolic system of meaning and associations pertaining to the turmoil of the human heart and the spectacled nature of contemporary existence.

In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.

Description by Guy Debord

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"Interesting usage of spray can paint techniques, although, perhaps intentionally, disturbing images esp. the ones of the women in sexually degrading and objectified positions. Um, I don't know mixed bag/feelings about this artist's work...."

"There's a lot of energy in this work. I like it."

"I love them! Interesting images to contemplate. Question: is our life 'too busy'?? Art is a reflection of contemporary life."

"Lots of energy, sick patterns, I like it. Yeah these things are big."

"Recalls Neo Rauch, among others. I think it's very interesting."

"the 1st one reminds me of mardi gras, the 2nd one a quilt. very intense.the 2nd one also reminds me in a certain way of somthing native american."

"Color-nice, imagery-nice, would like to see more busy."

"I have been looking at them or awhile now and I cannot decide if I like them or not. Is this happening to anyone else?"

"I rather like it..."

"Poor image choices for what viewers of artistaday are looking for, however, take the time to check out his website! very cool stuff. You can't grasp his work until you get a sence of how massive some of them are. He also has some images that are just great. They can make you laugh and think, then want to get a drink. I live in the bay, and I'm going to try to check out his work in person."

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