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Astrid Preston  Santa Monica, CA

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About Astrid

Astrid Preston was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She received a B.A. in English Literature from UCLA in 1967. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Asia, including solo shows at the Laguna Art Museum, Saginaw Art Museum, Wichita Falls Museum, Ella Sharp Museum and Arts College International. She has had articles and reviews of her work published in the Los Angeles Times, Art in America and ArtForum. Preston received an NEA Fellowship Grant in Painting in 1987 and an artist residency from Lux Art Institute in 2008. Her work is in many public and private collections, including the Orange County Museum of Art, Long Beach Museum of Art, UCLA Hammer Museum, McNay Art Museum, Oakland Museum and Nevada Museum of Art.

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"pic a; illusions of a wild goose"

"Astrid - your work is artist to another.Bravo! Excellent!"

"I have your "Red Bed" piece. I bought it at a MOCA auction in 1998. Still love it."

"Astrid Preston is beautiful, and so is her art. She sparkled back at UCLA, when I knew her in the mid sixties, and both she and her work still have that same spark. DSL"

"I feel like I'm a bird in a nest! tee hee"

"Astrid is amazingly talented. Her art comes to life on the canvas in a way that few artists can do. You must view all her work to get a true feel for the awesome beauty and intensity. She is a treasure!"

"Yow. Really nice. And congrats."

"What a change from the landscapes and birds. This is intoxicating and as I look at it I'm pulled in more and more. Amazing and tantalizing."

"Very intriguing and interesting. I like it very much.Thank you for your amazing work."

"Abstract paintings are like instrumental music, particularly Jazz. They are about expression and spontaneity. The meaning is found in the joy of color, shape, line, balance and so on. Jazz has no meaning that one can verbalize. The meaning in Jazz is the feeling one feels when listening, much like looking at an sbstract painting."

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