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Philipp S. Rittermann  Escondido, CA

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About Philipp S.

From dramatic panoramic sequences to evocative toy-like images, Philipp Scholz Rittermann’s work spans the visual spectrum. He uses urban, industrial and natural landscapes as canvases to explore recurring themes in his surroundings.

An enduring theme in Rittermann’s work, beginning with his nocturnal images of urban landscapes from the early eighties, is the depiction of the passage of time. He continues this theme in his latest panoramic sequences which offer views so wide, they extend beyond what we can physically see with our own eyes. Through his images, we see beyond our senses.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Tracey M. Hawkins

Curator / Art Professor

"The intense chiaroscuro in Ritterman’s photographs lends them an intriguing aura of fantasy and mystery. His sweeping panoramas and intimate dioramas are imbued with a technical perfection matched by the dynamic mise-en-scene of each composition. It is easy to understand how Ritterman’s captivating imagery has garnered him critical acclaim on an international stage."

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"The level of black and white mastery is simply breathtaking. I especially like the light in the second one."

"i like the first one"

"Nice to see your presence here, I've always appreciated your work. You help keep San Diego on the map!"

"Yes, but will it fit in my living room?"

"nice landscapes work hope to see more."

"Those r really neat!!"

"I just love Ritterman's art it is breath takingI don't particularly like art in black and white but his I don't mind at all and I can see the beautiful in it."

"i thank that is nice to do that"

"Beautiful black and white visual landscaps. I could really focus on them for a long time!"

"Great B&W's!"

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